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Families of Guantanamo detainees want the truth about "suicides"

The families of men who died in 2006 in the prison located on the illegal Guantanamo Bay Naval Base – whose deaths the U.S. army presented as suicides – have petitioned the courts to reconsider their lawsuit, given new testimony by army officers who were on the base when those events occurred, the AFP reported on Thursday. Read More

Dayron Robles Qualifies to Semi-Finals in Doha

Cuban Dayron Robles qualified this Friday to semi-finals in the 60 meter hurdles in the Indoor Athletics World Championships underway in Doha with the participation of athletes from 150 nations. Read More

Cuban Minister for Culture calls to preserve traditions

Abel Prieto Jiménez, minister for Culture, stated in Guantánamo that one of the main challenges of the nation is to preserve and transmit the love for traditions from one generation to the next one. Read More

Book Fair Continues Captivating Cubans

Lines before outlets and children and young people''s majority presence confirm the importance of the 19th Cuban international Book Fair 2010, which will end in this eastern city on Sunday. Read More

Cuba's first village, Baracoa

Baracoa is the first village of Cuba. When Christopher Columbus discovered this beautiful place on November 27th 1492 he said &quot; this is the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen, for its good port, delicious water and plenty of wood.<br /> Read More

Stone zoo, the only one in the world is in Cuba

Angel Iñigo, is the sculptor and creator of the Zoo Stone, unique of its kind in Guantanamo and in the world. He has five children, Angelito, the oldest inherited his temper and physical appearance as well as his gift of creating figures from the stone. Read More

Dayron Robles to Compete in Lievin

Cuban Dayron Robles, 110 hurdler Olympic champion, will compete in the Lievin Indoor athletics Meeting in Pas-de-Calais, France. Read More

More than 200 projects in Guantanamo Research Center

The Mountain Development Center, created on February 3, 1994 in the easternmost province of Cuba, has carried out more than 200 projects for the development of the country. Read More

Drought in Guantanamo Continues

Guantanamo, easternmost Cuban province, is suffering from an extended drought as precipitations have been only 16 mm, barely a tenth of the historical average, a region where the wettest area of Cuba is located, Baracoa. Read More

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