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Good work by eastern Cuba library

he library in the eastern Cuban province of Guantánamo holds nearly 90,000 books on a wide range of topics. The patrimony of the library, founded in the 1920s, includes books, monographs, magazines and periodicals published in the provincial capital. Read More

Cuba says Fidel OK, Guantanamo not

National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon told CNN that Fidel Castro s health is on the mend but the situation of human rights in the US prison at Guantanamo bay, Cuba, is seriously ill. Read More

Cuba to host international forum on Nature Tourism

The city of Baracoa, in Cuba's easternmost province, Guantánamo, will host the 6th Meeting on Nature Tourism (TURNAT 2007). Tour operators, travel agents and specialized organizations will exchange experiences on that major tourist modality. Read More

Cubas high school students assured further education

Nearly 3,000 high school graduates from Cubas eastern province of Guantanamo will study at different universities at home and throughout the country. Read More

New tourist options in eastern Cuba

<p align="left">Eastern Cuba has designed new options to boost the tourist industry, as part of a policy aimed at developing the fastest-growing sector in the Caribbean Island&#39;s economy. Read More

Biosphere reserve in eastern Cuba

Cuba, which has a privileged location in the Caribbean region, also offers unique natural attractions to both national and foreign tourists. Experts noted the existence of six Biosphere Reserves in the country, including two that were declared Humankind's Heritage. One of them is Cuchillas del Toa, in eastern Cuba. Read More

Cuban youth wins painting International Award

A drawing by Lianne Perez is exhibited in an art gallery in Japan, along with other award-wining paintings "four of them also Cuban" in an event sponsored by UNICEF Read More

Cuban Environmental Program wins UN Award

The annual award of the Small Donations Program went to a program for reducing pollution in Guantanamo City. An environmental program aimed at reducing the level of pollution in the Sur-Isleta neighborhood of Guantanamo City was awarded the annual award of the Small Donations Program (SDP) of the UN, according to local Venceremos newspaper. Read More

US activists plan Guantanamo jail protest

A group of US and other peace activists including Cindy Sheehan plan to march to the gates of the US Navy base in Guantanamo, Cuba on January 11 to protest against abuses at the prison camp for terrorism suspects, organisers said today. Read More

Bayamo promotes tourist attractions

The city of Bayamo, in the eastern Cuban province of Granma, is promoting its tourist attractions to become a major destination. In order to achieve that goal, the city is undertaking a series of initiatives, including the opening of fast-food establishments, a wax museum and art schools, among other options. Read More

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