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Evacuated thousands of people in the Cuban eastern provinces due to rains

Local authorities have provided shelters for nearly 4,962 residents in Santiago de Cuba, 4,000 in Guantanamo, and 1,237 in Las Tunas. Read More

Cuba-Vietnam rice project advances

The Cuban-Vietnamese project began in 2002 and is now in its second stage with an expansion to the five eastern provinces and Camaguey Read More

Carlos Varela in nationwide concert tour

The author of Jalisco Park and Como los peces begins his tour on Sunday September 9 in Cubas far eastern province of Guantanamo. Read More

Cuba's first founded town Baracoa celebrates 496th Anniversary

"Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion de Baracoa" was the name given in 1511 to the first town founded by the Spanish colonizers upon their arrival in Cuba. Exactly 496 years later, the inhabitants of today's Baracoa town, in the easternmost province of Guantanamo, celebrate one more anniversary. Read More

Cubas arid southeast turns green

Extending along more than 100 kilometers from the limits of Playa Borracho beach in the province of Santiago de Cuba to Punta de Maisi, Cubas easternmost point, the coastal strip of southern Guantanamo Province has such a harsh climate it has earned the name of the Cuban semi-desert. Read More

Baracoa, Cuba's Primate City, to host Turnat-2007

The city awarded National Monument, is known for its rain forests, excellent for cocoa and coffee plantations, but also for its rich fauna and flora that make up the ideal environment for nature lovers. Read More

The Washington Post criticizes yankee prison in Guantánamo

"No government should be allowed to arrest persons indefinitely without opportunity to present claims before the prison authorities" says de Washington Post Read More

Cuban and Dominican universities sign cooperation deal

An agreement for mutual cooperation was reached between the O & M Dominican University and the University of Guantanamo, in eastern Cuba, to facilitate the granting of scholarships and to promote the participation in post-doctorate courses. Read More

Book of Guantanamo verse to be published

A collection of poetry written by Guantanamo detainees will be published this summer. The prisoners, denied pens and paper, wrote some of the poems by scratching verses onto foam cups with pebbles. Other poems were translated into English by linguists with security clearances but no literary credentials. Read More

Obama tells S.A. crowd he wants Guantanamo closed

SAN ANTONIO " Democrat Barack Obama told a Texas crowd today that he wants the Guantanamo Bay detainee facility closed " a step the Bush administration is considering " and wants to "restore habeas corpus" rights. Read More

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