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Guantanamo prosecutor quits by ethical concerns

The prosecutor in a Guantanamo war crimes case has asked to quit his assignment due to ethical concerns, defence attorneys and the lead military prosecutor said Wednesday. Read More

Cacao imprint in Baracoa to show an international event

The imprint of cacao in plastic artists from Baracoa, will be exhibited in the IV Latin American and Caribbean encounter on Cacao and Chocolate, expected to take place in Havana between October 13 to 17. Read More

Ex-Prisoners of US Base in Guantanamo Reiterate Denunciations of Torture

Four British citizens who were detained for more than two years in the illegally occupied US Naval Base in Guantanamo have demanded the US Supreme Court to declare itself to be in favour of `the right of detainees not to be tortured`. Read More

The First Catholic Church built in Cuba has been Restored

Projects for heritage preservation and sustainable development benefit Baracoa, a Cuban northeastern area of high values in flora and fauna, in the city of which rises the first catholic church built in Cuba.<br /> Read More

Encyclopedic Culture of Cuban Poet Regino Boti

A well-known scientist from Guantánamo described his fellow countryman, the poet Regino Boti Barreiro, as “one of the most encyclopedic intellectuals Latin-American intellectuals, who died in that city a day like today, half a century ago.<br /> Read More

The Miraculous Church in Guantanamo, Cuba

The church La Milagrosa (The Miraculous) appears among the patrimonial assets of the easternmost Cuban province, Guantanamo, next to which rises The Canonical House Obispado, project that ran off with the Prize for Architecture and Town Planning Jose Lecticio Salcines 2008. Read More

Felipe Pérez Roque Attends Ceremony for Future Diplomats in Cuba

The failure of the Bush administration to isolate Cuba was highlighted by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, as he spoke in the eastern province of Guantanamo at a military discharge ceremony for future diplomats. Read More

A Russian made history in Baracoa, Cuba

In Baracoa, the first city founded by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba there is a hotel facility whose name has a special meaning.  Everybody knows it as La Rusa hotel, however, this was not the name given by its first owners when they came from Europe after a long pilgrimage caused by the triumph of the October Revolution. Read More

Guantánamo, Cuba: Prisoner Yemeni Suffered 50 Days Of Sleep Deprivation

Hamdan, who was allegedly once Osama Bin Laden’s driver, is scheduled go before a controversial military tribunal at the U.S.-run prison at Guantánamo next week.<br /> Read More

In Guantánamo, Cuba: The XXVIII Festival of the Caribbean honoured Mexican culture

Different musical, craftwork and plastic arts expressions were exhibited at the Mexican House as part of the XXVIII Festival of the Caribbean, dedicated to that friendly country. Read More

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