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Areas of environmental interests will be visited in Camaguey by a group of Italian ecologists, who want to know about the actions implemented in this Cuban eastern province in favor of the environment.

For the first time, a delegation of the brigade Ecological Guard Legambiente, from the province of Modena, travels to Cuba, accompanied by members of the Bolognese Voluntary Ecological Guard, which is already known in the Island nation.

William Denti, president of the green organization explained that the protection of vulnerable ecosystems and the promotion of laws in defense of the natural resources in Italy are some of their goals.

The Ecological Guard also promotes the conservation of the fauna and conducts actions for the sustained development.

Protected areas like the fauna shelter located in the mouth of the river Máximo and the fossil forest of Najasa are some of the places that have attracted the visitors.

Meetings with students in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas and experts belonging to the Provincial Unit of Flora and Fauna, are also included in the agenda the visiting delegation have.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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