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Bolivia Donates Rice to Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Bolivian government approved the donation of 3,000 tons of rice to Cuba by means of a supreme decree in solidarity with the island, press media said here Monday. </div> Read More

ALBA Members Agree to Create Permanent Commission

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 25 (acn) Participants in the 10th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) agreed to create a Permanent Commission of the organization.<br /> </div> Read More

Ecuador Confirms ALBA Summit for June

<div align="justify"> Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Thursday the holding the Summit of ALBA and the People''s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) in the city of Otavalo, Imbabura province, Ecuador, on June 24-25. </div> Read More

Bolivian Minister Pays Official Visit to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, May 20 (acn) The Bolivian Minister of Institutional Transparency and Fight against Corruption, Dr. Nardi Suxo Iturry,arrived in Havana on Thursday for an official visit at the invitation of the General Comptroller's Office of the Republic of Cuba. Read More

Havana Book Fair Launched in Argentina

The organizers of the Havana Book Fair launched on Tuesday the event's 2011 edition at an important regional editorial meeting underway in this capital. Read More

Chávez says that Cuba helps Venezuela defend itself from U.S., Colombian malice

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela acknowledged Cuba's contribution to the security of his country and blamed Colombia and the United States for much of Venezuela's problems. Read More

Chavez hosts Latin American allies for summit

President Hugo Chavez marked the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's independence movement Monday with celebrations and a gathering of his closest Latin American allies. Read More

Fidel Castro praises Chávez due to celebration of Venezuelan bicentennial

Hugo Chávez gets honorable mention in Fidel Castro's latest reflection, published Monday in the Cuban media on the occasion of the bicentenary of Venezuela's independence from Spain. Read More

Cuba joins search for oil in Venezuela

Cuba and Venezuela will jointly develop four oil fields in eastern Venezuela, the Venezuelan publication 2001 said. Read More

Bust of Fidel to be unveiled in Caracas

A bronze bust of Fidel Castro will be unveiled this week in Caracas, outside the National Assembly building, announced Gerson Pérez, a leader of the ruling PSUV, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. Read More

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