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More than 650 thousand Latin Americans recover sight
More than 650 thousand Latin Americans and Caribbean people have recovered their sight thanks to the eye-surgery Operation Miracle program, an initiative promoted by Cuba and Venezuela.

The announcement was made on Monday by the Cuban Minister of Economic
Cooperation and Foreign Investment, Marta Lomas, during the first day of sessions of the permanent commissions of the Cuban Parliament underway at Havana's Convention Center.

Addressing the Foreign Relations Commission, Lomas spoke about the development of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), an initiative whose projects of integration, solidarity and cooperation benefit, not only its members - Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua - but also many countries of the region.

The high-ranking official assessed the five ALBA summits held so far, the last of which took place last April in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, where 32 big national projects were approved to promote Latin American and Caribbean integration.

Lomas also referred to the implementation of other ALBA programs dealing with the supply and saving of oil; the use of renewable energy resources; the promotion of literacy and health care campaigns in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela; and development programs in Cuba; among other actions.

The members of the commission condemned a recent decision by the US government, which denied visas to two Cuban deputies who were not able
to attend the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Confederation of Parliaments of the Americas, recently held in California, United States.

In the meantime, in the Health and Sports commission, the Cuban minister of Public Health, José Ramón Balaguer, said that today's main battle in the sector is in favor of ethics.

The minister stressed the importance of moral-ethical values among the workers of the health sector and said that not only cadres but also all the members of political organizations and unions should be involved in this battle.

Another topic discussed in the commission was the struggle against vectors, mainly the Aedes aegyptae mosquito, which transmits dengue fever. In this regard, Dr. Gonzalo Estevez, Public Health vice minister, explained that the transmission of dengue fever is under control, although the level of infestation in houses is at 0.05
percent, being Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey the provinces with more problems.

Discussions also focused on the need to create healthy and adequate eating habits among the people, particularly among children, as there is a tendency towards overweight among the Cuban population.

Parliamentary commissions gather on Tuesday as well, prior to the beginning of the Ninth Ordinary Session of the Cuban Parliament's Sixth Legislature next Friday.

Source: ACN

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