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Cuban lawmaker highlights contribution by doctors to Bolivia

Cuban lawmaker Jorge Gonzalez praised the work of over 1,000 doctors from his country in Bolivia by noting that nearly five million Bolivians have already been assisted in outpatient consultations.

Gonzalez, who is also a physician, heads the Medical and Sports Commission of the Cuban Parliament. He said the work of the Cuban specialists proves that the cause for which Ernesto Che Guevara and his guerrilla comrades went to fight in Bolivia and offered their lives was not a lost cause.

Also president of the Cuba-Bolivia Friendship Parliamentary League, doctor Gonzalez highlighted the results of the national literacy campaign based on the Cuban "Yes, I Can" methodology.

Bolivia looks forwards to completely wipe out illiteracy by 2008 and that goal will be possible to achieve thanks to the action taken by the Evo Morales government with the support of Cuba and Venezuela, said the Cuban parliamentarian.

Gonzalez, who also led the multidisciplinary team that found the mortal remains of Che Guevara and his comrades in 1997, explained that every time he visits the Bolivian locality of Valle Grande, he feels a very particular emotion.

He also stressed the significance of the fact that members of the Ciro Redondo Column 8, commanded by Che Guevara along a group of Cuban internationalist doctors had contributed to the restoration of the Musoleum raised to the Cuba-Bolivian guerrilla fighter, which was inaugurated last June 13 in Bolivia.

Source: AIN

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