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New investment support ALBA projects in Cuba

As part of the initiative to improve service infrastructure in the South-Central province of Cienfuegos, the local branch of CIMEX in that territory is refurbishing and building a group of facilities that offer different services to the population.

An article posted on the Webpage of the local "5 de septiembre" newspaper cites CIMEX president Eduardo Bencomo Zurdo as saying that his entity is committed to provide infrastructure in the benefit of a large number of Latin American youths who come to the country to study medicine, as part of the regional integration initiative known Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

He said those youths have come to the provinces of Matanzas, Pinar del Rio, the Isle of Youth and Cienfuegos, where the third Latin American School of Medicine was inaugurated just last week.

Bencomo said that new facilities will be built in the locality of Abreus, where the new school is located; such new services are aimed at meeting the needs of a growing population in the zone and they include recreation and commercial centers, a restaurant and a coffee shop and the refurbishing and remodeling of the symbolic San Carlos hotel, which showed significant deterioration and whose structure has already been saved.

CIMEX president said that the economic achievement of the province of Cienfuegos will guarantee the positive results of the initiative.

Source: AIN

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