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Canadian Rock Band to Play in Eastern Cuba

Canadian rock band Doris and Ses Roberts will give three concerts in this province, one of them at a municipality hit by Hurricane Ike in September. Read More

Venezuelan President, Urged Obama to Extradite Posada Carriles

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, urged the next US president, Barack Obama, to extradite international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela, where he faces trial for masterminding the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people. Read More

Legendary Irish singer-songwriter and peace activist Tommy Sands performs in Cuba

Legendary Irish singer-songwriter and peace activist Tommy Sands performed recently in communities damaged by hurricanes in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio.<br /> Read More

CIA secret flights taking prisoners to Guantánamo, Cuba probed in Spain

Spain's top-selling newspaper El Pais on Sundat revealed details of CIA secret flights taking prisoners to Guantanamo bay using Spain as a stop-over.<br /> Read More

US documentary filmmaker Estela Bravo Happy for Toronto Top Award

US documentary filmmaker Estela Bravo got the top award at the Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival for her 34th work &quot;Quien Soy Yo?&quot; (Who am I?), dedicated to children of the disappeared in Argentina. Read More

World Baseball Classic is drawing player interest

More than 600 players have asked to play in the second World Baseball Classic, which will be held in March in nine cities and four countries. Read More

Regional Seminar on Scientific Journalism in Havana

A regional Seminar on Scientific Journalism at the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism (JMIIJ) in Havana with the participation of specialists from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Haiti and other Caribbean countries.<br /> Read More

The President of the Cuban parliament, Ricardo Alarcón in Mexico to Binational Parliament Session

The President of the Cuban parliament, Ricardo Alarcón, is in this capital to head his country´s delegation to the 10th Inter-parliament Session of both nations.<br /> Read More

Meeting Dedicated to Cuban Five to Be Held in Miami

The organizations that make up the Alianza Martiana (Marti Alliance) based in Miami, has made a call for a meeting dedicated to the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who have been imprisoned in US jails since 1998, that will take place in that American city. Read More

Graphic Designers from Cuba and the United States in a Joint Project

Design in music is the theme that this time summons graphic designers from the United States and Cuba who are participating in the project Sharing Dreams / Compartiendo sueños. For the fifth time they gather together in Havana to exhibit a sample of 18 posters in the Majadahonda Hall of the Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau, one of the main sponsors. Read More

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