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Graphic Designers from Cuba and the United States in a Joint Project
Growing out of the friendly collaboration and exchange of proposals, Sharing Dreams “underscores the participatory and enthusiastic vocation for the future,” voiced its coordinators Toni O’Bryan, Victor Casaus and Héctor Villaverde. “It’s a plan projected towards the horizons of reciprocal understanding where more and more shared dreams can exist,” they stated in the catalogue that accompanies the sample.

This fresh exercise of design and imagination, marked by friendship and sympathy, pays tribute to all the generations of Cuban nueva trova and the first decade of A guitarra limpia, another project of Centro Pablo that has as its main objective the promotion and spreading of the musical genre.

The nine Cuban designers that make up Sharing Dreams 5 are: Arturo Folgueira, Eduardo García, Enrique Smith, Ernesto Joan, Giselle Monzón, Marla Albo, Pablo Monterrey, Osmany Torres and Rafael Villares. From the United States are participating professionals from Ohio, Chicago, New York, Wisconsin and California such as: Verónica Corzo-Duchardt, Anne Ghory-Goodman, Patrick Schreiber, Todd Childers, Colette Gaiter, Nicole Wang and Erin Weber, and students Mari Nakano and Pedro Sarmiento. All are selected from an announcement made at the start of the year, whose main criterion of choice is the will and desire that the artists express to visit Cuba within the context of the exhibition.

Rhythm, melody, the enchantment of the guitar’s arpeggios, the peculiarities of one or the other culture, are all interpreted by the creators in diverse ways. The artistic search rests in the dissimilar combinations of vigorous lines and colors of each one of the designs chosen for the Cuban-US project.

The posters, printed in off-set, present a combination of images and texts that recreate, in a bi-dimensional form, the magic of design and music. An attractive and very effective duet for transmitting individual feelings and perceptions about these arts. Motivated by her experience in the project, Nicole Wang, one of the exhibiters, said: “The music reminds us that despite the fact that our cultures are different, the basic human experience is the same.”

Sharing Dreams, an initiative born in the Halls of Digital Art that the institution also convenes, has taken place since 2004, thanks to the joint work of the Center for Cross Cultural Design (AIGA/XCD), the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the collaboration of the Cuban Prográfica Committee. In its history is has dedicated itself, consecutively, to the following themes: Dreams for peace (2005), Love conquers all (2006), Design and culture (2007), linked to the celebration in Havana, Cuba of the World Congress of ICOGRADA (International council of Graphic Design Associations).


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