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Venezuelan President Urged Obama to Extradite Posada Carriles

Chavez made his request at the closing ceremony of the 9th Cuba-Venezuela Joint Commission, held last night in Caracas, with the presence of Cuba President Raul Castro, who is on his first foreign trip as head of state.

The Venezuela president denounced that Posada Carriles is living freely in the United States, in spite of being wanted by Venezuelan justice.

He recalled that the well-known terrorist and CIA operative was sent to Venezuela in the 70´s to torture and murder left-wing militants as part of Washington’s plans to dwarf left-wing movements in Latin America.

We must not forget that such a big terrorist named Luis Posada Carriles used to work here as Operation chief of the Venezuelan political police, Chavez said.

The Venezuelan leader also urged Obama to make good on his promise to close Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba after taking office on Jan. 20.

We’ll see what happens with Guantanamo and the Guantanamo prison, a territory that belongs to Cuba, he stressed.


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