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Free lunch and Ration Book to end in Cuba

<div align="justify"> HAVANA. July 14, 2010. CUBA is preparing to abolish ration books and free lunches for workers in a shift away from daily  policies that have shaped the country for more than half a century. </div> Read More

Cuban parliament summoned for ordinary meeting

<div align="justify"> Monday, 12 July 2010 16:42. ACN. The Cuban National Assembly of the People's Power (Parliament) was summoned to hold its fifth ordinary session of the Seventh Term on August 1 at Havana's Convention Palace.<br /> </div> Read More

Moratinos: emigres to depart on Monday

<div align="justify"> The first 11 freed prisoners are to leave Cuba Monday night and arrive in Spain on Tuesday, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos said Monday in Santander, Spain. </div> Read More

Cuba prisoner deal is down to dialogue

<div align="justify"> The promised release of 52 political prisoners by Cuba shows that talking to Havana constructively does bring results </div> Read More

Havana Forum: Traveling to Cuba in July 2010

<div align="justify"> I am planning to travel to cuba July of 2010 for 6 days. I live in the US so me and my wife are planning to catch a flight from Domnican republic to Cuba since we have family there. </div> Read More

Cubans Use Vietnamese Cultivation Method to Boost Rice Production

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 8 (acn) The implementation of a Vietnamese rice cultivation method is yielding encouraging results in the central province of Cienfuegos.<br /> </div> Read More

Cuba to Ease Plight of Jailed Dissidents in Deal with Spain

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, Cuba — Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said his country is willing to take in 52 Cuban political prisoners set for release by Raul Castro’s government. </div> Read More

Cuba curbs tobacco harvest as cigar sales fall

<div align="justify"> Cuba has been forced to cut its tobacco harvest in response to a fall in demand for its famous Cuban cigars. </div> Read More

NYC/July 24: An Evening in Solidarity with Cuba

<div align="justify"> An Evening in Solidarity with Cuba. A celebration of the 57th anniversary of the July 26, 1953, assault on the Moncada barracks that launched the revolutionary war that toppled the Batista dictatorship in 1959.<br /> </div> Read More

Cuba says hunger striker in danger of dying

<div align="justify"> HAVANA – Cuba's state-run media said Saturday that an opposition activist who has refused food and water for 129 days has actually gained weight due to intravenous feeding, but that he has suffered a blood clot that left him &quot;in danger of potential death.&quot; </div> Read More

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