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Cuban sharks valued at between $ 300,000 and $ 1 million

According to specialists as the director of the Cuban Program for the Environmental Defense Fund, Daniel Whittle, the reality is that in the Cuban coast there are "big fishes such as grouper and snapper, and sea turtles, and lots of sharks". Read More

Cuba prepares itself to face high intensity earthquakes

On Saturday morning it will begin Meteoro -2015 Exercise, which will run until Sunday 17 and this time it will address the strengthening capacity of the country and the territories to face high intensity earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, drought and disaster events of sanitary origin. Read More

Heavy rains claim two lives and inflicts property damage in Havana

Heavy rains and strong winds affected Havana Wednesday evening claiming two lives and inflicting property damage throughout the city. Read More

Experts encourage fishing and consumption of lionfish that inhabits Cuban coast

To achieve greater control of the reproduction of lionfish in the southern province of Sancti Spiritus, CITMA experts in the territory encourage its fishing and consumption by locals. Read More

First earthquake of the year recorded in Cayo Santa Maria

An earthquake measuring three on the Richter scale was recorded Saturday in Cayo Santa María, northeast of Caibarién, Villa Clara, without any human or material damage caused. Read More

Cuba Fights Contraband of Natural Species

Cuban authorities are deploying a multi-sector strategy to counter the contraband of birds and other natural species Read More

Cuba to Host Conference on Sustainable Development and Innovation

Cuba will host the 7th International Scientific Conference on Sustainable Development and Innovation CIUM-2015, scheduled for April 6-10, 2015 Read More

Cuba to raise forest cover

Cuban authorities are making efforts to expand the country's forest cover to 29.4 percent from the current 28.66 percent by 2015 Read More

Cuba looks to undo decades of poorly planned coastal development, fend off rising seas

Cuban scientists project that rising sea levels will damage 122 Cuban towns or even wipe them off the map. They also say beaches will be submerged, water sources tainted and croplands rendered infertile Read More

Cuba to hold disaster relief drills

Cuba is preparing for a nationwide emergency drill to strengthen official and public response to disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and industrial accidents, Cuba's Civil Defense announced Friday. Read More

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