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February 27th

Cuban delegation arrived to Washington

On Wednesday afternoon, Cuban delegation arrived to US capital for the second round of talks with the US, which is chaired by the General Director of US Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal Ferreiro. Read More

Zapatero and Moratinos visited Havana

Cuban President Raul Castro received on Wednesday in Havana former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and former Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos. Read More

Coca-Cola will return to Cuba if relations are normalized with the United States

Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for Latin America of Coca-Cola, Rafael Fernández Quirós, said that the company does not rule out return "in the not too distant future" to Cuba, if US change its law with the recent "thaw" of the bilateral relationship. Read More

Democrats of the United States returned optimistic from their trip to Cuba

The group of Democrats who traveled last week to Havana today relied on "a very strong bipartisan compromise" in Congress in favor of a change in relationships that, in their opinion, will help consolidate the political shift between the two countries. Read More

Obama extended the emergency declaration adopted after the shoot-down of Brothers to the Rescue

US President Barack Obama extended the emergency declaration adopted in 1996 after the demolition, by the Cuban Army, of two civilian planes from the Cuban exile organization Brothers to the Rescue. Read More

Pan American Cup U-18 women's volleyball will be held in Havana

The Pan American Cup U-18 women's volleyball qualifying for the World Championship in that category will be held at the Sports City of Havana from March 17 to 22. Read More

February 25th

Cuban government opponents were arrested during the weekend

More than a hundred opponents were arrested this weekend in different provinces of Cuba, including well-known figures as Berta Soler, Guillermo Fariñas and Antonio Rodiles. Read More

Habano Festival opens its Trade Fair

The Trade Fair of the XVII Habano Festival was opened in the Palace of Conventions in Havana, with the presence of 67 booths from seven nations, among which stand out the Italian samples. Read More

Cuba and China negotiated in tourism

Interested in the opportunities that Cuba offers to foreign investment in tourism, Chinese companies are trading with Cuba the creation of joint ventures for the development of real estate complexes and hotels. Read More

Begins in Cuba National Table Tennis League

National Table Tennis League begins tomorrow in the room Rafael Valdes Daussá in this capital, with the participation of leading figures in the courtyard and guests. Read More