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Cuban president announced the enactment of a new electoral law which shall govern the general elections of 2018, and completion of the VII Congress of the Communist Party (PCC), set for next year.

The decisions were taken during the celebration of the X Plenum of the Central Committee of the CCP, which met Monday in the presence of President Raul Castro, according to a statement posted on the official media.

According to the information note, the meeting adopted a set of planning activities to be undertaken in the period 2015-2018. This is the stage that marks the moment of transition of power from the historic generation of new Cuban political, considering the decision announced by Raul Castro to not be reelected for a third term as head of the State Council.

Among the activities announced for the triennium the VII Congress of the CCP were mentioned, in April 2016, the implementation of a new political-administrative division and generalization of the model of functioning of local bodies of People's Power, which is currently experiencing in provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque; and the election process ahead of the general elections of 2018.

Information not provided details about the new law, nor on how to deploy. In the session of constitution of the new legislature of the National Assembly, in 2013, Raul Castro suggested that among the changes under consideration were the limit to a maximum of two consecutive five-year performance of the main offices of state and government, and establish maximum ages to fill those responsibilities.

Regarding the VII Congress of the CCP, the information explained that from now until the first quarter of this year will be held municipal and provincial assemblies of the organization, preparation of cadres and members, conducting a referendum and processing and approval of the final documents.

Source: Café Fuerte

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