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Cuba starts Tuesday the process of nominating candidates for delegates (councilors) of the municipal assemblies of People's Power, who make up the lists for partial elections next April, official media reported.

According to the National Electoral Commission (CEN), the 168 municipalities held on Tuesday the first meeting of applications in a process that will run until March 25 and in which only attends the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the only legal on the island.

The beginning of these assemblies of candidates will take place one day after the PCC announced the preparation of a new electoral law, though without offering details on what new will in relation to the current rules, dating from 1992.

In the case of partial elections, currently the Cuban Electoral Law stipulates that all voters participating in the assemblies of nominations have the right to propose candidates for delegates to the municipal assembly and is a candidate who obtains the most votes, freehand of the residents of their area.

With a total of nominees in each constituency's candidacy this, which shall be elected delegate to the municipal assembly for that district is formed.

In recent municipal elections in Cuba, held in October 2012, involved more than 8.1 million voters, 91.9% of Cubans enrolled in the electoral rolls, 14,537 to elect representatives in 168 municipalities.

In Cuba, municipal elections are held every two and a half years, and the National People's Assembly are held every five years.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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