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The Cinematheque of Cuba has been for years the temple where movie lovers have the opportunity to enjoy cycles of the best directors in the history of cinema. Right now, when it turn 55 years old, leaves its traditional seat in Charles Chaplin Movies. The new venue for installing this iconic institution was the Movies 23 y 12, which also plans to open several interior spaces like the Café Buñuel or bookstore Gérard Philipe.

According to Luciano Castillo, its current director, the 23 and 12 is a room that is consistent over the public of the Cinematheque. By his statements to various official media the idea that the room had plenty of space Chaplin few adept your selected programming guess. It is as if one were square meters and the decision has not heavy at all the tradition of the small but faithful group of people now feel betrayed.

"The truth is that I want to mourn," says Alicia, 52, "are coming here for years and now is not the same." Carlos, 32, focuses more on technology and wonders if now they think of projecting in higher quality formats it we only DVD, "because I if not for that, stay at home and I see it comfortably in my TV. We need to get back on Blu-ray or DCP, because of the original 35mm there is almost nothing. "

For years the archive of the Cinematheque has suffered too much the absence of ideal conditions for preservation. Titles important Cuban and international cinema have been reduced to a copy and, in many cases, completely lost. The company responsible for the distribution and conservation of film heritage generally has neither remotely climate conditions and specialized personnel that an entity like this needs. It is not only conserve what, in fact, it's heritage, but also to protect what one day will be.

Another issue is the same regret programming. It desperately needs more risk when choosing titles and themes. They note, for some time, an incredible lack of courage when looking at the contemporary scene.

Source: 14ymedio

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