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December 21st

Cuba opens up sale of new and used vehicles -official media

For the first time since the 1959 revolution, Cubans will have the right to buy new and used vehicles from the state without government permission Read More

December 19th

Rusney Castillo rumors: Top OF defects from Cuba

Castillo has played five years in Cuba, but has left the country in hopes of testing his skills in Major League Baseball.<br /> Read More

First Restored ICAIC Newsreels Exhibited in Cuba

The first 54 episodes of the newly-restored ICAIC Latin American Newsreel are being screened here at the 35th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.<br /> Read More

December 18th

Cruise ship leaves Havana for sail around the island

The cruise ship LV Louis Cristal set sail from Havana on Monday on the first of its round-the-island trips, marking yet another effort to establish Cuba as an attractive and profitable cruise industry destination. Read More

December 16th

Brazil may raise number of Cuban doctors again

The Brazilian government will evaluate the number of doctors needed under the Mais Médicos program in March, President Dilma Rousseff announced during a visit of a Cuban-staffed hospital near São Paulo Read More

Cuba for Leading Caribbean Tourism by 2030

The development of Cuba´s tourist industry constitutes a main goal for local authorities, who plan to turn this destination into one of the best positioned in the Caribbean and the world by 2030. Read More

December 14th

Cuba Wins again in World Series of Boxing

The Cuban boxing team, the Domadores, won its fourth consecutive victory in the World Series of Boxing by beating the defending champs, the Astana Arlans Kazahstan, 3-2 Thursday. Read More

Possible Steps to Normalize USA-Cuba Relations

If not in the coming government, maybe the following one, the normalization of relations with Cuba should experiment a substantial decision of the United States Read More

Havana’s “Problem-Filled” Film Festival

The most common thing one hears young and not-so-young people say is that they prefer watching European films, because “they’re not in the mood to see so many social problems.” Read More

Cubans speculate about replacement for 77-year-old Havana cardinal

As required by canon law, the 77-year-old archbishop of Havana submitted his resignation in 2011, and his replacement as vice president of the conference triggered speculation he would soon be replaced in the capital city. Read More