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December 24th

Cuba to Inaugurate First Stage of Special Development Zone

The first stage of the container terminal at the Mariel Special Development Zone, west of Havana, will be inaugurated in January Read More

Cuban Bruzon Wins Mexican Chess Tournament

Cuban Grand Master Lazaro Bruzon was proclaimed monarca of the 25th edition of the Chess tournament Carlos Torre in Memoriam, reports Mexican media Read More

Cuban Economy Grows 2.7 percent in 2013

The Economy and Planning Minister, Adel Izquierdo, reported the parliament today that its is estimated a 2.7 percent growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the present year, lower than 3.6 planned. Read More

December 23rd

Maduro and Fidel Castro, Remembering the Creation of ALBA and Chavez

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said he traveled to Cuba to commemorate the 19 years of the encounter between Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro Read More

Cuba Ready to Strengthen Epidemiological Control Measures

The Cuban Public Health Minister, Roberto Morales, urged to step up measures to control dissimilar diseases that can affect the island today Read More

Cuba's Raul Castro calls for 'civilised relations' with US

Cuban President Raul Castro has called for "civilised relations" with the United States, saying the two countries should respect their differences Read More

December 22nd

Cuban Journalist Murdered in DR

Cuban Claudio Nasco, a newscaster on channel CDN of the Dominican Republic, was found dead Friday night in a motel in Santo Domingo, the motive is and circumstances are under investigation Read More

Cuba to host own version of World Series of Boxing

Cuba plan to host their own version of the World Series of Boxing next year Read More

Cuba eases 50-year-old restrictions on car imports

Cuba announced on Thursday it will ease restrictions on car imports for the first time in half a century, marking the end of an era that made icons of the island's vintage automobiles Read More

December 21st

Cuba's baseball revolution: Why players are turning pro

A player of the La Isla team during a match in December 2013 Cuban athletes had been banned from going pro for 50 years Read More