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As the industry gears up for the Christmas market, gamers in Havana are already hooked on a homegrown production.

They are reliving the rebel exploits of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara with “Gesta Final”, a very modern take on Cuba’s past.

“Games play an important role for the youth of today,” said Jorge Luis Rosell, the developer behind the hit venture.“And now we can take advantage of this so that they can have fun and learn about our history.”

Roughly translated as “Final Feat”, the 3D game recreates the guerrilla war that saw Castro’s forces overthrow the military regime of President Fulgeneio Batista in 1959.

Players can throw Molotov cocktails and gun down rival government troops, against a backdrop of forests, swamps and mountain trails.

“I like the meaning this war has,” said one young player, student Alejandro Tamayo. “It is very beautiful. It is like a story, almost like what happened here in Cuba.”

Asked what he has learned, another student, Dario Torres, said: “That Cubans always, how do you say, always looked out for each other.”

The state-run Youth Computing Club has embraced the game since its release a few months ago. It is unlikely it would be quite so popular with exiles who fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba.


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