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November 29th

Cuban Nurses in Guatemala to Help Lower Maternal, Child Mortality

Guatemalan authorities today welcomed 122 Cuban nurses who will work to help reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates in this country, said the Minister of Public Health and Social Assistance, Jorge Villavicencio. Read More

Judo Hoards Individual Prizes to Best Cuban Athletes

Judo hoarded the individual prizes to the Best Athletes of the Year in Cuba through Idalis Ortiz and Asley Gonzalez, announced today the National Institute of Sports (Inder). Read More

Concert Premieres at Havana’s Contemporary Music Festival

Havana’s 16th Contemporary Music Festival will hold performances by Cuban and foreign musicians at the National School of Music, the Villena Hall of the Cuban Writers and Artists Association (UNEAC), the San Francisco de Asis Convent and other venues through November 30. Read More

Cuba to let islanders rent out their home phones

Islanders will be allowed to provide phone services to their neighbors and essentially turn their homes into phone booths that charge by the minute. Read More

November 28th

Cuba Allows Vessels to Remain Five Years in Its Territory

Cuba will allow pleasure boats to stay in the country for up to five years, or even longer periods, according to new regulations for marinas posted today in the government''s Official Gazette. Read More

Cuban Olympic Medallists and Their Medical Background

Several Cuban Olympic medallists owe much of their success to opportune medical treatments, according to Dr. Rodrigo Álvarez Cambra, a recognized authority on the subject. Read More

Cuban Circus Act Awarded at International Chinese Festival

A Cuban acrobat quartet was awarded with a bronze medal at the 1st International Festival of Circus held in the southern city of Zhuhai, China, for its performance in the Russian Bar Act. Read More

Cuban Troubadour Reviews 30 Years of Career With Megaconcert

Cuban troubadour Liuba María Hevia confessed today that after 30 years of a successful career, she still feels stagefright like the first day and thinks she is just beginning. Read More

Key West to Cuba Flights Struggle to Take Off

One of the first sights greeting passengers at the Key West International Airport is a statue of two families with children standing around a large, concrete buoy. "Ninety miles to Cuba," reads the words etched on the centerpiece. Read More

November 27th

Cuban Mission in US Halts Consular Services

Cuba's mission to the United States said it has been forced to halt nearly all consular services effective Tuesday because the bank that handled its accounts was severing the relationship, and diplomats have been unable to find another with which to do business. Read More