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December 11th

Rafael Correa in Cuba to See Chavez

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has arrived in Cuba on Monday to show his solidarity with his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, who will be undergoing another cancer operation in the next several hours or days. Read More

Cuba-CARICOM relations expand

The embargo imposed against Cuba by the Government of the United States of America has been identified as one of the external measures that has placed a burden on the Government and people of Cuba as well as on the relationship between CARICOM and Cuba. Read More

Family appeals for freedom for Briton stuck in Cuba

The family of British man trapped in Cuba after travelling to the country to help his mother in the wake of Hurricane Sandy has issued a heartfelt appealed for his release.<br />Yoandry Depass and Leah Hall. Read More

Hugo Chavez names Nicolas Maduro as successor

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, preparing to travel to Cuba for further cancer surgery, Saturday named Vice President Nicolas Maduro to carry out his legacy if he is unable to remain in office. Read More

December 9th

Coast Guard repatriates 13 Cubans rescued by fishermen off Keys

The Coast Guard on Thursday handed over to Cuba authorities 13 migrants who were saved from a sinking boat south of the Keys last week. Read More

A voyage from Vienna to Cuba with Pianist Jorge Luis Prats

The Miami International Piano Festival kicks off this Sunday December 9th at 5 PM the great pianist Jorge Luis Prats . Prats will offer an intimate recital named from Vienna to Cuba, by the title we understand he will be performing music from the classical period such as Johann Strauss and Schubert to the modern songs of Cuban Icon Ernesto Lecuona. Read More

Cuba sugar cane marabu weeds 'could be turned to fuel'

Drive anywhere in the Cuban countryside and you will spot the marabu lining the road: a dense, woody weed that grows as tall as trees and has invaded vast swathes of agricultural land. Read More

Cuba, the Premise of Sharing What It Has

More than 40,000 Cuban professionals working in about 65 countries in sectors like health and education, show what authorities call sharing the achievements of the island on the basis of universal social development. Read More

Habanos S.A. New Co-President is an Expert

Realignment of the board of directors of Habanos S.A. International Corp. set a new co-President Walfrido Hernández, an expert born in Pinar del Río, Cuba's top tobacco growing region. Read More

December 8th Launches Double Bonus (Double Balance Cubacel) for Christmas

Between 11 and 14 December 2012 will be available Double Bonus Recharge for all mobile phone users in Cuba. launches this promotion in the last month of the year to give its users more happiness at Christmas. Read More