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Cubacel Launches Double Bonus for Christmas

From July 11 to December 14 will be active the offer Cubacel Double Bonus many users waiting anxiously in Cuba. It is the ideal time to give the mobile balance their family and friends who live in Cuba. Read More

Zucchero to Begin World Tour in Cuba

Popular Italian rock musician, Zucchero Fornaciari, announced a world tour to begin here on Saturday with a huge concert to promote his latest album "La Sesion Cubana", with the participation of prestigious Cuban musician Read More

Legendary Architect Oscar Niemeyer Has Died

Oscar Niemeyer, the architect, who has died aged 104, was best known as the designer of Brasilia, the daringly futuristic capital city of Brazil completed in 1960. Read More

Mayan Apocalypse: Cuban Beach Hosts Sacred Rites By Sages

Three Guatemalan sages burned wood resin, seeds, fruits and flowers on a beach outside Havana on Thursday in a ceremony marking the end of a Mayan calendar cycle that some have wrongly interpreted as a prediction of a looming apocalypse. Read More

Mapuche Doctor Graduated in Cuba Elected Mayor in Chile

Juan Carlos Reinao, one of the 345 mayors who took office in Chile today, is a Mapuche descendant who obtained a medical degree from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba. Read More