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Cuba/Florida Trade Status Ruling in 2013

Issues around Florida House Bill 959 could be resolved in 2013 Read More

Venezuelan VP strikes optimistic tone on Chavez

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro struck an optimistic tone Sunday for the second day in a row on President Hugo Chavez's recovery from cancer surgery in Cuba. Read More

Bolivian President Morales visits Cuba where ally Chavez convalescing after cancer operation

Bolivian President Evo Morales has made a lightning trip to Havana where key ally Hugo Chavez is convalescing after cancer surgery. Read More

Cuban scientists seek cancer cure from scorpion venom

Havana:Cuban scientists are trying to cure cancer with a homeopathic drug manufactured from the venom of scorpion, according to participants at an annual symposium held in the country. Read More

National Ballet Will Remember the Musician Enrique González Mantici

The National Ballet of Cuba (BNC), directed by Alicia Alonso, will offer a special function on Thursday, dedicated to the orchestra director Enrique Gonzalez Mantici, one of the musicians closer to the prima ballerina and her company. Read More