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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 12 / 28 / 2012

The Cuban musical canon registered a new point in its favor with the concert featuring the well-known singer Descemer Bueno, who presented his latest album in which he performs along with various Cuban musicians.

The Mella theatre in this capital was too small to contain the avalanche of fans coming to see Bueno who plays bass and won the 2006 Goya for the soundtrack on the Spanish film Habana Blues, by Benito Zambrano.

With a conventional set that rightly used the lighting design, the show started with a wink to Afro-Cuban culture, moving on to a "guajira" rhythm, sung by the duet Xionara Laugart and Bueno.

It was a night of duets on stage, including Israel Rojas (Sed de Sol), Haila Maria Mompie (Cuando me enamoro), Luna Manzanares, Baby Lores and Alain Daniel.

Ovations for Kelvis Ochoa and Santiago Feliu, the first performing very popular songs, the second largely influential in Descemer's songwriting career.

The height of the performance was undoubtedly the appearance of Colombian singer Jorge Villamizar, Grammy award winner and faithful admirer of his Cuban counterpart.

Barely shielded by his electric guitar, Villamizar prompted the audience to stand and sing, as one, the chorus of his most famous pieces.

When it's Descemer, it has to be Bueno.

Fuente: Prensa Latina

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