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Cuban biopharmaceuticals developed by the Center of Molecular Immunology benefit people in nearly 30 countries among them China and Brazil, national press media published today.

With productions to treat diseases such as cancer and other non-communicable diseases, sales of the institution maintain a trend of annual growth of over 40 percent, allowing them to increase revenue.

According to the director of the entity, Agustin Lage, in Cuba more than 14 000 patients are treated with these biopharmaceuticals medicines reported Granma newspaper.

The center has increased the production of an anti-anemia product, besides monoclonal antibodies for advanced cancer.

According to Lage there were also achievements in regulatory inspections made by Japan, Germany and Turkey during the period, in order to certify the use of best practices in the production stage.

The Molecular Immunology Center was opened in December 1994 and now is part of the newly formed group of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Fuente: Prensa Latina

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