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March 30th

A growing number of products Traditional Medicine in Cuba

At present, the Traditional Medicine in Cuba has a total of 29 products apifármacos herbal and also pending the approval of other 5 that are expected to be added to the basic table of this specialty. Read More

Private workers participating in Trade Fair in Holguín

Manuel Alonso Sanchez is a private sector worker involved in the XIII Trade Fair Havana, uses space to publicize the activity of this sector in the island, its contribution to the economy and show their products. Read More

Benedict XVI calls for more freedom for the Catholic Church in Cuba

After his stay in Cuba, from 26 to 28 March, where he shared with President Raul Castro and former President Fidel Castro, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his desire to grant more freedoms to the Catholic Church in the Caribbean island. Read More

Pope criticizes embargo against Cuba and calls for freedom for Cubans

The last words spoken by Pope Benedict XVI in Havana before leaving the Vatican were devoted among other things to criticize the U.S. embargo against the island. He also expressed his wish that all Cubans enjoy full freedom. With this speech he said goodbye to the island after three days of stay, taking a game season. Read More

Ends Pope's visit to Cuba

After a hectic three days of varied activities Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday concluded his visit to Cuba, where he received a friendly reception of the population. Read More

March 28th

Cuban duo's first victory in World table tennis

In the World Championship table tennis men's team celebrated in the city of Dortmund, Germany, on Tuesday the Cuban duo scored his first victory by defeating Venezuela 3-1. Read More

Cuba prepares event dedicated to the preservation of sea turtles

The next May the western province Pinar del Rio will host the first festival dedicated to sea turtles is organized in Cuba. Specifically, the activities will take place in La Coloma, a fishing community located near the regions where these animals make their nests. Read More

Cuban government reaffirms its political model to the Pope's visit

Marino Murillo, vice president of the Council of Ministers reaffirmed that the socialist political model that exists on the island is not subject to any discussion or changes. The economic model is the only sector that is receiving changes. Read More

Summary of activities of the Pope in Santiago de Cuba

From March 26 to 27 saw the first stage of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI began in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, a city where he had a busy schedule of activities. Read More

Exhibitions and art shows in honor of papal visit to Cuba

The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to honor Cuba is in Havana with exhibits related to the Holy See and the Catholic Church. It has also prepared a show at the Cathedral which will remain the three-day stay. Read More