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President Raul Castro meets with Syrian President Assad

<div align="justify"> HAVANA — President Bashar Assad of Syria sat down with Cuban leader Raul Castro on Monday as part of his first tour of Latin America, a trip that is taking him to meetings with many of the region's left-leaning governments. </div> Read More

U.S. in discussions to end travel, trade ban with Cuba

<div align="justify"> The US House Agriculture Committee will convene to create legislation to end the 50 year Cuban travel, trade ban </div> Read More

UN Recognizes Cuba's Role in the liberation of Africa

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 28.-  The president of the UN’s General Assembly, Ali Treki, thanked Cuba and Fidel Castro on Monday for the role played in the liberation of Africa. </div> Read More

Long-ignored freshwater molluscs in Cuba under threat

<div align="justify"> Among biologists, Cuba is famous for its diversity of molluscs with some 3,000 species, including the fact that over 90 percent of its land snails live no-were else. </div> Read More

Cuban Experience in Children Health Care Praised

<div align="justify"> WHO and PAHO are to announce the result of an investigation on Cuba's experience on children health care. </div> Read More

We can learn a lot from Cuba

<div align="justify"> Before the news gets too old it's worth New Zealand taking notice of a recent development in Australia where the country is taking steps to work alongside Cuba in providing medical aid for developing countries around the Pacific. </div> Read More

Cuban Preservation of Egyptian Art Highlighted

<div align="justify"> Cuban experts showed in Cairo the work done by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba (MNBA) to preserve more than 100 pieces of its Egyptian art collection, mainly from the inexhaustible Pharaonic times. </div> Read More

Cuban Scientists Win International Award in China

<div align="justify"> Two Cuban scientists were awarded with the Third World Organization for Women in Science prize in the Chinese capital on Sunday, considered by both women a recognition to their work for several years. </div> Read More

Cuba Holidays

<div align="justify"> Cuba is the party capital of the Caribbean with a nightlife like nowhere else. But that's not to say it's only party lovers who enjoy holidays in Cuba. </div> Read More

Curacao, Pernambuco Culture at Caribbean Fest

<div align="justify"> SANTIAGO DE CUBA (PL) - Delegations of Curacao and Pernambuco will exhibit a broad cultural diversity of their peoples in their respective sites during the 30th Caribbean Festival scheduled to begin on July 3. </div> Read More