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Cuba Appoints New Agriculture Minister

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 12 (acn) The Cuban Council of State, at the initiative of its president Raul Castro, agreed to promote Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero to the post of Minister of Agriculture in view of the need for the minister of this sector to devote his entire time to the strategic task of the sustained increase of farm-cattle production. </div> Read More

Wild Cuban Rhythms, Loose in North America

The thing about Pupy y los Que Son Son, one of Cuba’s greatest dance bands, is how casual it is about blowing a hole through you. Read More

International sensitivities: What if BP oil spill heads for Cuba?

The BP oil spill has begun to have international repercussions. Cuba is the country most likely to be the first non-US victim if the oil slick advances beyond Florida into the Caribbean. Read More

Editorial: End ban on travel, exports to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Periodically, there are attempts to lighten the embargo, at least to the extent of allowing Americans to travel there without interference from their own government, but they have always fallen short. </div> Read More

Cuba brings traditional music to northern audiences

Cuba’s traditional music band Los Tradicionales will offer northern audiences their performances after taking part in the Festival Hue 2010. Read More

Church: Cuba agrees to free political prisoner

<div align="justify"> HAVANA — Roman Catholic leaders announced Friday that Cuban authorities have agreed to free an ill political prisoner and transfer six others to jails nearer home, the latest in a series of concessions from the Cuban government. </div> Read More

Ecuador Confirms ALBA Summit for June

<div align="justify"> Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Thursday the holding the Summit of ALBA and the People''s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) in the city of Otavalo, Imbabura province, Ecuador, on June 24-25. </div> Read More

New Book by French Writer: Being a Woman in Cuba

The book ‘Etre femme a Cuba’ (Being a Woman in Cuba), which focuses on the decisive role of Cuban women in the history of the Cuban Revolution, was launched in Paris on Wednesday by its author, Dominique Gay-Silvestre. Read More

Millersburg man prepares for mission trip to Cuba

MILLERSBURG -- Jeff Moran's idea of a summer getaway is toiling alongside others in third-world countries. Read More

Zambia parlamentarian thanks Cuba for its solidarity

<div align="justify"> ACN. HAVANA, Cuba.- Mutale Nallumango, Vice-president of Zambia's National Assembly, thanked Cuba on Thursday in this capital for its solidarity with her country, one of the poorest in Africa. </div> Read More