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Cuban VP Verifies Progresses in Santiago de Cuba Aqueduct

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, June 4 (acn) Cuban Vice-President Ramiro Valdés emphasized to builders and staffs that rehabilitate the Santiago de Cuba aqueduct that efficiency, organization and execution on time of the schedule are vital. Read More

President Raul Castro and minister take economics issue before an assembly of top military officers

A speech delivered by Raúl Castro last Friday, May 28, was summarized one week later, on Friday, June 4, in the Communist Party daily Granma by its editor-in-chief, Lázaro Barredo Medina, a member of the National Assembly. Read More

In the Heart and Soul of Cuba

Adriana Teresa is the cofounder of FotoVisura and the publisher and creative director of Visura Magazine. Read More

BP Oil Spill Prompts Cuba Embargo Exception

An article in the National Journal reveals that OFAC recently granted a license to permit the International Association of Drilling Contractors to send a U.S. delegation to Cuba to train the Cubans on proper off-shore drilling techniques. Read More

Eighteen Firms Join Governor's Cuba Mission

<div align="justify"> Eighteen companies will join Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue on June 6-8 business mission aimed at boosting the state's exports to Cuba.<br /> </div> &nbsp; Read More

Cuba’s ’Dylan’ Plays Carnegie Hall as U.S. Boost Cultural Trade

June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez last played New York City in February 1979, when Jimmy Carter was president and the Cold War defined international politics.<br /> Read More

Cuban President Acknowledges Bastion 2009 Work

Cuban President Raul Castro stated that we should continue working in a sustained and irreversible way to solve the complex economic problems the nation is facing and increase the country's capacity to face disaster situations. Read More

Oil Spill: a boon for Cuba?

HAVANA, Cuba — The worst oil spill in U.S. history may not be such a bad thing for Cuba — assuming that the crude now fouling up the Gulf never reaches the island's shores. Read More

Cuba's ageless diva Juana Bacallao croons past 80

The Cuban diva is still backstage arranging her signature blond wig and adjusting her slinky red dress. Read More

Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba this July!

Join us on a Cuban voyage of discovery! Spend 9 full days in Havana and a neighboring province. Read More