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August 10th

Cuba rallies past Poland 3-1 for opening win at Olympic women's volleyball

Cuba rallied past Poland 3-1 here on Saturday for its opening victory at the Beijing Games women's volleyball tournament. Read More

Cuban Workers Readies to Discuss a Social Security and Welfare Bill

Cuba readies to discuss a social security and welfare bill that will balance its growing lifespan and declining birth rate. Read More

August 8th

Young Cuban painter after the trace of the orchids

The secret of science becomes art in the hands of a young painter of Pinar del Río province, dedicated to illustrate the research made at Soroa Orchids Garden, Cuba’s biggest.<br /> Read More

New Monument in Spain to Che Guevara

A monument to Che Guevara featuring a sculpture based on the famous photo taken by Alberto Korda was inaugurated in the city of Oleiros, Spain. Read More

Young Canadians Captivated by the Kindness of Cubans

A group of young Canadians, who lived in the eastern Cuban city of Bayamo for two and a half months, ended their stay charmed by the kindness of the people and the island's natural beauty and tranquility.<br /> Read More

Cuban Reimplanted Torn Arm of a Young worker

Young worker Yasiel Horta enjoys life anew with his left arm attached, thanks to the efforts of a multidisciplinary medical team of the Julio Aristegui Hospital that reimplanted his arm in a complex surgery. Read More

In San Francisco, US Billboard on Cuban Five to Be Unveiled

To raise public awareness of the case of the Cuban Five, a giant billboard 35'x75' erected in downtown San Francisco, US, for the month of August will be officially unveiled this Thursday.<br /> Read More

Cuba's Foreign Trade Minister Raul de la Nuez Attends Expo Zaragoza 2008

Cuba's Foreign Trade Minister Raul de la Nuez kicked off Thursday a visit to the Expo Zaragoza 2008 with a meeting with local mayor Juan Alberto Belloch Julbe. Read More

National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, Los Van Van and more in Ecuador

Different musical groups like the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, Los Van Van and the representative of the so-called newest Cuban trova, Frank Delgado, are to perform in different stages in Ecuador. Read More

Cuba produces a similar range of sugar derivatives as in the 80s

Also announced was the 10th international conference on this topic, set for this year, which will be sponsored by Venezuela’s PDVSA Agrícola. Read More