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By Dora Pérez Sáez

Every year, more than 200,000 people graduate from the courses taught in the Community Computers Centers across Cuba, said Mayda Brito de Toste, director of this program in the province of Havana.

Speaking at the start up of the second period of classes this year, she noted that while it had previously taken 19 years to reach the goal of one million of graduates, now this number will be reached in five years.

The new period of classes "that will last for around four months" coincides with the inauguration of the fourth Community Computers Center of the San Jose municipality, in the province of Havana. Over this time, students will be instructed in operating systems such as Microsoft and free systems, productivity programs such as Word and Excel, and how to surf the Cuban Intranet.

The establishment of these centers will mark it twentieth anniversary this year. However, the 602 existing facilities are still not fully meeting the demand. Among the priorities of the centers, the official mentioned the need to increase the quality of the services provided and staff capacity.

In that respect, senior-level teachers will be required to have their masters degree, while other teachers must at least be enrolled in university studies. The Community Computer Centers have added new services and features across the country, such as extending their times to 24-hours a day.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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