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Habaneras's Festival
By Mario Vizcaino Serrat
The interpretation award of the XXI Internacional Habaneras Festival from Havana given to the Cuban choir Vocal Luna is a deserved distinction and a prove of the evolution experimented by that group.

The work defended by Vocal Luna is La Habanera and belongs to Olga Navarro and Rafael Espín, with musical arrangements by Beatriz Corona, a piece that also conquered the Great Award for composition of the contest.

The interpretative award, thanks to the wonderful defense of the work by Espín and Navarro, is a great professional recognition to the dedication of Luna, thanks o which they have evolved, without making too much noise, since they were founded, almost five years ago. They are just now about to begin celebrating that anniversary, which is to be fulfilled at the beginning of the year 2007. the director, as well as the singers hope to make it with a substantial program that can lead them to the sensibilities of the greatest number of public.

The group, made up of sixteen women, including its director, Sonia McCormack, is one of those demonstrations that just everyday commitment and professionalism can lead to greater creative achievements. The interpretation award gives these young women enough energy to drive themselves over their own talents, with a road ahead that can be wider if they maintain two ingredients that are basic in art: constancy and work.

By mid of this year, Vocal Luna participated in an international polyphony and habaneras festival in the Spanish tourist zone of Torrevieja, and even though they got no award there, they got a worthwhile experience with the confrontations and several presentations beyond the stage of the encounter.

Source: CubaNow

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