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The first Ibero American scale to asset quality of life in survivors of acute neurologic events, will be submitted by Cuba at the 5th International Symposium of this discipline.

The scientific meeting will be held at Havanas Convention Center (Nov 28 - Dec 1) and some 300 participants from Latin and North America, the Caribbean and Europe will participate in it to discuss about the cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) which are a major health problem in the world.

Doctor Miguel Angle Buergo, president of the organizing committee in an exclusive interview to AIN highlighted that in the Symposium Cuba will also show new research projects on epidemiology, basic sciences, diagnostic, treatment and life quality in those patients.

In the meeting, the island nation will present the CVD clinical practices guideline, the first done in Cuba which is a useful tool of consultation for the doctors, patients and relatives.

Buergo repeated that the CVDs are the world second cause of death and dementia while is ranked among the first causes of disability.

He also noted that four events: ischemic cardiopathy, cancer, cerebrovascular diseases and accidents are the causes of 65 percent of mortality, thats why he insisted on having healthy habits to avoid these evils and increase the expectancy and quality of life.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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