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  • 11 / 23 / 2006

41st Capablanca Memorial Chess Tournament
Chess grand masters Ukraine's Vassily Ivanchuk and Cuba's Jesus Nogueiras, will face each other on Wednesday, the second day of the 41st Capablanca Memorial Chess Tournament, in Cuban capital Havana's Riviera hotel.

Ivanchuk, the defending champion and the world's number six player with a 2,741 Elo rating, beat Cuban grandmaster Lzaro Bruzn, Elo 2,648, after 48 moves in four hours with a Ruy Lopez Opening.

Nogueiras, who with 2,554 is the champion with the lowest Elo in the elite group, scored a surprising win over Russia's Evgeny Bareev, who is rated 24th in the world, with an Elo of 2,683, after 64 moves from a Slav defense.

He told press was "very comforting" to beat a chess player of Bareev's quality and solidity in the game.

In Tuesday's third game Cuba's Leinier Dominguez, Elo 2,655, and Poland's Kamil Miton, Elo 2,638, agreed a draw after 46 moves from a Ruy Lopez opening.

Wednesday's other games are Miton versus Bruzon and Leinier versus Bareev.

The six grand masters are playing using a round-robin system. A second open group of 50 chess players are playing using the Swiss system.

Cubans Walter Arencibia, Elo 2,530; Frank de la Paz 2,442; and Juan Borges, 2,431, were among the 16 that won their opening games.

Source: Xinhua

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