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The issue of the geographic representation at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been the main point in Geneva, following a Cuba's speech in that entity.

The disparate composition of that institution's staff and the need of reviewing and tightening links between the Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner office, were analyzed by Cuban delegate Resfel Pino.

"This is an issue that those who finance and control the Office politically, avoids with total sense of decency," Pino stressed. He stated that over a half of the members from that leadership belongs to the Western Europe and other States.

"Let's us say that as long as the Office reflects an extensive diversity symbolically expressed some days ago with national typical suits, it will be also more universal, independent and unbiased," he noted.

The Cuban diplomat stated that the Universal Periodic Review has been a success so far, by arguing that the analysis of all countries equally guarantees for a first time in history.

"It represents an important step to assure that the Council has not been seized with double standards and the political manipulation of human rights," Pino noted.

Source: PL

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