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Cuban youths will be able to study English in the US during the summer

World Learning, a non-governmental organization based in Washington, which offer English courses in the United States for Cuban students, has opened its "Summer program for young Cubans" to be held for four weeks between July and August 2016, in the United States. Read More

US embassy in Cuba offers the first test that allows admission to American universities

The US Embassy in Cuba provides -for the first time- the inhabitants of the island the opportunity to take the GRE test, which allows access to universities in the North American country. Read More

Indiana College has added Cuba to its study abroad program for 2016

The US Purdue´s College of Agriculture in the US state of Indiana has added Cuba to its study abroad program and will coordinate a trip here in March next year. Read More

Cuban university students will not be granted a title if they do not master English Language

The English language will be a major requirement for Cuban university graduates in the near future, said Higher Education Minister Rodolfo Alarcon in a recent news conference. Read More

Evo Morales: To date, more than six thousand Bolivian doctors trained in Cuba

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, yesterday said goodbye to 50 doctors in the country who will attend high complexity specialties in Cuba, the official press reported. Read More

Demand of Cuban teaching services abroad continue to increase

Technical Education director Eugenio Gonzalez said that the number of countries requiring Cuban services continue to increase, with requests of professors in areas such as electricity, mechanics, agronomy, math, physics, civil construction and others. Read More

English: new priority for Cuban education

The newspaper Granma, official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, announced among the priorities for the 2015-2016 school year, which began on September 1 on the island, the English language proficiency. Read More

Cuba Begins New School Year with Better Conditions

During the summer months 78 million Cuban pesos were invested in over one thousand 800 schools and day care centers and some 20 million were destined for maintenance of the universities. Read More

Johns Hopkins University expands academic exchange program with Cuba

From 2016, students at the Johns Hopkins University, US, have the opportunity to study a full semester of their careers in Cuba as a result of academic exchange of this American institution with the University of Havana. Read More

Academic exchange between Havana University and Columbia

For many years, the dean of the School District of Law, Columbia University has been fascinated by the regime of Cuba, its politics, its culture and the historic confrontation with the United States. Read More

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