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The entrance exams to Higher Education in Cuba will begin. This theme was the central axis of the last program of the Round Table, transmitted by the state channels of the Government of the Island.

During the meeting, which included the participation of José Ramón Saborido Loidi, Minister of Higher Education, mention was made of the place plans, admission tests and extension of the short cycle university courses.

Among the topics discussed were the novelties enabled in the process to access Cuban universities.

An example of this is that in the current cycle the journalism career will have the status of "pre-qualified". This means that those selected during the "aptitude tests" will only have to pass the entrance exams with the minimum, in order to complete the degree.

The winning students of knowledge contests - at provincial and national levels - will be granted pedagogical and basic science careers, "related" to the discipline in which they participated. Likewise, they will only need to pass the entrance exams with the minimum number of points.

On the other hand, the pre-university students, now, will be able to request among their ten options any of the 25 short cycle training programs.

The Training Program at the Higher Education Level of Short Cycle is a modality in which the student will obtain the title of Superior Technician, prior to the Degree, in a period of two or three years. This option was presented last year by the government authorities.

Even with the new regulations male students who opt for this modality "whenever possible and as determined by the MINFAR", will be deferred to the Active Military Service.

It was also informed about the opening of new careers such as: Radiochemistry, Nuclear Physics, Agronomy, Forestry and Agricultural Engineering.

What to do with those who disapprove or do not appear at the first calls ?, was another of the points discussed. In this case, they will be enabled those places not covered in the Course by Encounters and the Short Cycle. This will be the responsibility of each province.

In the ordering, priority is given to those who have passed the entrance exams; followed by those who do not achieve a degree, those who did not show up, the "technical media", the graduates of the Peasant Worker's Faculty, the graduates of twelve grades in previous courses and, finally, "others who consider the provincial income commission ".

In the last issue of the Round Table, the head of the Ministry of Higher Education spoke about the decline of the university campuses.

"The potentials of pre-university graduates go down but we have not stopped looking for alternatives to guarantee the qualified workforce that society needs," he said.

The ordinary Mathematics test is scheduled for next Friday, May 3; Spanish, with date for Tuesday 7; and History, on Friday the 10th. Extraordinary exams will take place between June 18 and 25. Finally, August was chosen as the month to develop the "special" sessions, open only for "very justified cases that did not appear in any of the previous ones".

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