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Havana´s Casa de las Americas Begins Cultural Project in Solidarity with Haiti

The Havana-based Casa de las Americas began a project called “Ayiti cheri” in solidarity with the people of Haiti that is suffering the consequences of a devastating earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince last January. Read More

Video art from Pompidou to be exhibited in Havana

The Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center exhibits, from Monday onwards an exhibition of artistic videos from the Pompidou Center, in Paris that includes work by Jean-Luc Godard and nine more international artists. Read More

Foreign Minister from El Salvador to Arrive in Cuba on Thursday

Hugo Martinez, Foreign Minister from the Republic of El Salvador, will arrive in Havana on Thursday for an official visit, at the invitation of his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez. Read More

Patricio Amaro's Sweet Madness

In my hands I’m holding Patricio Amaro's new disk, the boy who sung "love I never forget you, / I never forget you, my love". Read More

Festival of the Drum: Source of the Cuban Percussion

The party of the Cuban percussion is right around the corner with the 9th Festival of the Drum Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam with venue in Havana and that includes concerts, competition, and theoretical events.    Read More

Victor Hugo Letters to Cubans Exhibit in Havana

French writer Victor Hugo's two letters to Cuban people's facsimiles, written during the Independence Struggle at the end of 19th century, are being exhibited in Víctor Hugo House-Museum in Havana's historic center Read More

Visitors to Cuba can bring back samples of island arts from Havana galleries

If you venture into Old Havana, you can't miss the many art galleries among the elegant arches and columns of the restored colonial streets. And, if you're lucky, you may just come upon some of Cuba's top artists at work there, or at least minding the shop. Read More

Leo Brouwer, Prize Tomas Luis de Victoria

One of the greatest awards in the world of music, inside the Ibero-American environment, the 10th Awards SGAE Tomas Luis de Victoria, has been granted to the Cuban composer and interpreter Leo Brouwer. Read More

Primitive Agricultural Tools Found in Villa Clara

A new archeological discovery of primitive tools in the area surrounding the Cedro Lagoon in the province of Villa Clara is giving rise to new theories of the existence of ceramist agricultural settlements in the northern region of Villa Clara. Read More

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