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After 28 years of absence from the Acropolis Theater in Prague, the Cuban group Los Van Van made an euphoric public dance with its extraordinary two-hour performance, which included its most popular tunes.

The band celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding.

The Cubadebate web site reports that, to mark the 40th anniversary of its founding, Los Van Van are carrying out a tour of Europe, after its presentations in Miami and its success it Paris.

 The 40th anniversary of the emblematic Cuban band was also celebrated in Prague with the screening, in the national movie theater circuit, of the 75-minute long documentary Eso que anda, directed by Ian Padrón.

The film, with music by this band, recalls its first years of performances, reveals the nostalgia of its former members, the passion of its current musicians, the criteria of experts on this artistic phenomenon, and the admiration people feel towards this excellent group.
Source: Escambray

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