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Frank Fernández a Cuban pianist recently recorded a new theme on Afro-Cuban music

Cuban pianist Frank Fernández recently recorded a new theme on Afro-Cuban music for his album "Canto de los ancestros" to be released later this year. Read More

Director of the Latin American Institute of Museums (ILAM), Georgina di Carli, praised Cubas efforts.

The director of the Latin American Institute of Museums (ILAM), Georgina di Carli, praised Cubas efforts in the preservation and conservation of its tangible cultural heritage in spite of very difficult economic conditions. Read More

Leave Their Hearts in Cuba Argentine Rockers

The group Mancha de Rolando will take the stage to defend the banner of Argentinean rock here on the island, with a series of concerts that its members have promised as "a unique experience for us and for all those who will attend our live performances." Read More

Cuba Promotes a strengthening movement of symphonic music

The creation of about 100 municipal bands and the broad extension of music schools are proof of a strengthening movement of Cuban symphonic music, affirmed an official of the Culture Ministry. Read More

United Nations will assist Cuba in 120 UN-sponsored development projects.

A total of nine municipalities of the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio will benefit from the assistance of the United Nations as 120 UN-sponsored development projects are being carried out in the region, the Latin American News Agency reported. Read More

Found by Cuban Speleologists in the Boquerones Cave System Fossils of the Pleistocene Epoch

Fossils of the Pleistocene Epoch were found by Cuban speleologists in the Boquerones cave system, northeast of Ciego de Avila province. Read More

Cuba Preparing for May 1st International Workers Day

Cuban workers will celebrate "their day," the first of May, with activities to spotlight their unity and support for the Revolution, socialism, the Party, and Fidel and Raul Castro. Read More

Cuban Intangible Heritage: Tumba Francesa

Preserving the Tumba Francesa Slave Dance (French Drum), a well-defined, and quite unique music and dance tradition still practiced in Cuba, was the first issue to discuss at the 7th International Congress of Cultural Patrimony. Read More

Friday March 21, at Havanas National Theate Cuerda Viva Music Festival

The Argentinean rock band Mancha de Rolando begins a tour on Friday, March 21, at Havanas National Theater, as part of the Cuerda Viva Music Festival underway in the Cuban capital. Read More

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