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Cuba Plans Internet in Homes by Late 2014

Cuba’s state-run telecom company ETECSA plans to begin offering in-home Internet connections by late 2014, a director of the company said. Read More

Radio/TV Marti’s new ways of disseminating information

Trying to get around Havana’s censorship, the U.S Office of Cuba Broadcasting is showing off novel ways to disseminate information on the island, including USB drives made of paper and a system for sending cell phone text messages to large groups. Read More

Cuba to offer public Internet at salons islandwide

Cuban authorities said Tuesday that they will begin offering public Internet access at more than 100 cyber-salons across the island, though home Web service remains greatly restricted. Read More

Cuba activates fibre-optic cable link with Jamaica

An American company that monitors global Internet traffic says Cuba has activated a branch of its submarine fibre-optic cable that connects to Jamaica Read More

Game review: ‘Gesta Final’ puts revolution in hands of players

Island programmers have unveiled the brand new 3-D shoot-‘em-up video game that puts a distinctly Cuban twist on gaming, letting players recreate decisive clashes from the 1959 revolution and giving youngsters a taste of the uprising in which many of their grandparents fought. Read More

Cuba confirms undersea cable carrying data traffic

Cuba's state telecom monopoly confirmed Thursday that the island's first hard-wired Internet connection to the outside world has been activated, but said it won't lead to an immediate increase in access. Read More

Cuba turns on submarine internet cable, but just for one-way traffic

Internet traffic appears to only be flowing to, not from, the country via the cable, according to internet routing analyst Renesys Read More

Cuba Preparing Offline Encyclopedia

A downloadable version of the online EcuRed Cuban encyclopedia is currently being developed for mobile phones Read More

Cuba Plans to Improve IT & Communication Services

Mesa presented to the plenary of legislators the report about his ministry's performance, including the transformations for updating the country's socio-economic model, a process that seeks more efficiency and productivity based on the guidelines of the 6th Congress of the Communist Party. Read More

Independent Technology Festival was held in Havana

Next year the CLICK Festival will have to improve the level of its panels, create a WiFi network for the participants to download event materials, shed a certain level of seriousness in favor of making it more interactive, and manage to attract those journalists, bloggers and Twitterers who, this time, preferred not to join us. Read More

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