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Portal Red Ciencias from Cuba receives International Award
In statements to acn news agency, Beatriz Alonso Becerra, director of the Cuban Company of Information Technology and Telematic Services (CIMATEL), said the award ceremony will take place at the Palazzo Cini, in Venice, and will be sponsored by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

Alonso Becerra said that the Grand Jury of the contest assessed 650 sites from 160 nations, which shows the great level and international acceptance of the Cuban portal.

The address is acknowledged since 2006 as a site that reflects the Cuban current situation and is constantly updated, noted the CIMATEL specialist.

The system includes products and services derived from sciences and technological innovation, which entails the characteristic integration and organizational development of the scientific sector in Cuba.

Other websites to be awarded are Mundo Binario and Numeró polis from Venezuela; ATM Express Government from Mexico; Indigo and National Financing Development Bank from Guatemala; and Telecentros from Brazil.

CITMATEL, which belongs to the Cuban Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment, will sponsor on November 8 to 11 an international meeting on Networks and Communications, Global Vision and Hardware.

Source: ACN

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