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Google Hangouts, an option to communicate from Cuba

Google has long been for many Cubans just a browser and e-mail messaging service under the Gmail name. Read More

Imo opens its way among Cubans

Imo, video call app for iOS and Android, is the privileged among Cubans that connect to the new wireless networks installed this year on the island. Read More

Cuban parliament opens accounts on Facebook and Twitter

Cuba's National Assembly announced that it opened Twitter and Facebook accounts, unusual media in the government of a country where very few of its citizens have access to the Internet. Read More

The Communist Party responds to Google on Internet access

The second secretary of the Communist Party, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, 85, responded to Google's offer to install free WIFI antennas throughout Cuba. Read More

16 Cuban spots connected to wireless network

Since yesterday July 2nd, many Cubans can connect to the Internet wirelessly from any of the 16 places which premiered the service. Read More

Wifi zones available at 2 CUC per hour

Cubans have since yesterday 35 wireless internet browsing zones in public spaces in several cities of the island, along with a reduction of the current rate of network connection, local media reported. Read More

British ambassador to Cuba grants award to the person to write him using Wi-Fi

Tim Cole, British ambassador to Cuba, offered on his official blog of the Foreign Ministry a prize to the first person to write him a comment from a Wi-Fi signal in a park of Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, or Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Granma and CubaDebate among the most viewed websites in Cuba

In an article published recently by the popular technology journal PC Magazine, CubaDebate (6th place) and Granma (10th) are included as major news sites of the Internet in Cuba and the most preferred by users of the Island. Read More

WI-FI rooms in 35 points of Cuban territory will be opened, ETECSA announces

In the coming weeks the Telecommunications Company in Cuba (ETECSA by its Spanish acronym) will open 35 internet rooms with wireless technology in public spaces around the country. Read More

Twitter bets on SMS to expand in Cuba because of poor access to internet

Twitter company does not want to lose the opportunity to grow in the Cuban market and for this it has begun to draw its development strategy in a country with a major obstacle: the lack of internet access. Read More

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