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The military service in Cuba

The military service is one of the main ways that allow Cuban citizens to accomplish the honourable duty of serving the Homeland with arms.<br /> Read More

Bibliographical funds to be enriched with the work by the Cuban National Hero José Martí

The funds of the Roberto Riva Fraga provincial library are being complemented from now onwards with the complete work by the National Hero José Martí and other books related to his life and contributions. Read More

6th International Conference on Accounting, Auditing and Finance in Havana

The event included discussions on the current international financial crisis and its effects on the Cuban economy Read More

Cuba's offshore oil hopes rise, US role uncertain

A huge offshore drilling platform will soon be lumbering its way to Cuba, an event that could kick-start Cuba's bid for energy independence and pressure the Obama administration to allow American companies a piece of the action. Read More

Onelio Jorge Cardoso literary training center awarded with Carpentier Medal

The Onelio Jorge Cardoso Literary Training Center was awarded the Alejo Carpentier Medal following a decision of the Cuban Council of State, at the suggestion of the Culture Ministry. Read More

Cuban Art Collections Presented in Europe

“Cuba: Art and History”, is composed of almost 200 works by 100 artists, in a panorama of 140 years of Cuban art,  and includes oil paintings, posters, engravings, sculptures, and works of video art and facilities, Cubahora web site reports. <br /> Read More

In Matanzas, Cuba Slave Route Museum Opens

The inauguration of the Slave Route Museum will take place on Tuesday at the Castle of San Severino in the central province of Matanzas with the opening of the exhibition “Afro-America: The Third Root.” Read More

Theater Guerrilla in Cuban Mountains

The cultural project Guerrilla de Teatreros (Theater Guerrilla), which takes art to faraway areas, will kick off its 18th annual tour this month.<br /> Read More

Cuban chess players will compete against world-renowned players in Central America

Cuban chess players will compete against world-renowned players in Central America in the next few weeks. Read More

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