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Cuba stands out in research and application of ozone therapy

Cuba stands out among the countries with more scientific researches with ozone therapy and is among the first to regularize it in the world, which places it as an international leader, said an expert. Read More

Ebola reappears in Liberia

Barely two months after WHO declared Liberia as a country free of Ebola, the country has 153 people under health surveillance in an attempt to control the new outbreak of Ebola. Read More

President of Red Cross International Committee visits Cuba

The president of the Red Cross International Committee Peter Maurer is paying a working visit to Cuba on Monday, November 23. Read More

UNAIDS will help Cuba to eradicate HIV/AIDS

The executive director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibe, said last Friday in Havana that they will help Cuba to become the first country to eradicate the epidemic "as a threat to public health." Read More

Cuban-American doctor made in New York complex face transplant

A New York medical team has made the most complex face transplant ever done to date to a firefighter who needed tissues in the face, skull and neck. Read More

UN expert praises Cuba’s achievements in AIDS prevention

The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, praised on Thursday in this capital Cuba’s achievements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS, and particularly for being the first country to eliminate mother-child transmission. Read More

Cuban medical brigade has treated about 30 million Hondurans

The Cuban doctors arrived in Honduras 17 years ago to offer assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch, but later the two governments signed a protocol to maintain the medical services for a longer time in different regions with scarce medical support. Read More

Cuban cancer vaccine will be evaluated by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute

The Cimavax vaccine has been investigated in Cuba for 25 years and is available for free for Cuban patients since 2011. It is produced by the Center of Molecular Immunology. Read More

Medical students at the University of Michigan will learn in Cuban hospitals

The Michigan State University organizes a course now to develop in Cuba with the participation of US medical students. Read More

United Nations recognizes Cuba's role in South-South cooperation

Cuba has a long tradition in South-South cooperation and a strong presence in the countries of the region, most notably for its development in health and education, said in this capital Myrta Kaulard, resident coordinator of the United Nations System in the country. Read More

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