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Choice medical services signs agreement with Cubanacan Turismo y Salud, Cubas health tourism leader

Helping it better serve consumers wanting to visit Cuba for affordable medical care, Choice Medical Services, a medical tourism firm, has signed an agreement with Cubanacan Turismo y Salud (Cubanacan Tourism and Health), the island nations largest tourism property holding company.

Separately, Choice announced that a US patient from Georgia is expected to be in Cuba in early September to receive medical care.

Cubanacan Turismo y Salud oversees more than 25 of Cubas finest hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants, and other tourism properties for serving health tourists. Among the groups hotels and resorts are the El Comodoro and Chateau Miramar, both in Havana, the Brisas Guardalavaca in Guardalavaca, and the Brisas Sierra Mar Los Galeones in Santiago de Cuba.

"Teaming up with Cubanacan allows Choice to provide our patients with the very best in medical care and access to fine resorts and hotel accommodations for a rapid and pleasant recovery" said Bill Doran, CEO of Choice Medical Services. Doran signed the agreement in a special August 3rd meeting with Dr. Andres Piloto, President of Cubanacan Turismo y Salud, at Cubanacans corporate headquarters in Havana.

Cubanacan was pleased with the agreement which provides Cuba with greater access to the North American market.

"With Choice Medical Services assistance, we look forward to welcoming many more patients that can benefit from Cubas highest quality medical care and warm hospitality," said Dr. Piloto.

According to the agreement, Choice can offer North Americans patients who are currently faced with extended wait times and exorbitant costs, access to safe effective and affordable healthcare. "We are very pleased with this contract as it helps patients with their medical needs, it supports the Cuban economy and aids the Cuban people, and it reduces pressure on the healthcare system here at home," said Doran.

Georgia Patient To Head to Cuba
An uninsured American man from Georgia will be the next patient that Choice will bring to Cuba. Doran says the patient will be going for an orthopedic surgery.

"Hes very pleased to be able finally solve his medical issue and get on with his life. The cost is very reasonable, the care is high quality and the patient can recuperate in a tropical oasis. Who could ask for more," said Doran.

Website Traffic Builds
While Choice Medical Services launched its Canadian and US marketing activities in early July, Doran says the firm has been excited by the strong initial consumer response.

"Based on our website traffic, with each day, weve had a growing number of visitors from across Canada, the US, and other countries," said Doran. "So far, our confirmed patient figures have been on track with our goals."

Major Cost Savings
For a cost comparison of common medical procedures performed in the U.S. versus in Cuba (all figures US$; for all Cuba figures, source is

Hip Replacement US: $60,000 Cuba: $8000 Savings: 86 percent
Appendectomy US: $19,000 Cuba: $4869 Savings: 75 percent
Tummy Tuck US$5063 Cuba: $2644 Savings: 48 percent

Consumer Contact
Consumers can call Choice toll free at 1-866-672-8284, or, visit its website at (From outside the U.S. and Canada, call

Based in Winnipeg, Choice Medical Services is a leading privately owned medical tourism firm that helps consumers worldwide to access safe and affordable medical care in Cuba. Obtaining healthcare in Cuba, patients can save up to 80 percent off of high U.S. costs. Choices patients typically are Canadians that cannot endure waits of up to three months or more for care, and uninsured and underinsured Americans, many of which otherwise would be unable to afford the proper healthcare. All procedures are conducted by licensed and experienced doctors, nurses and their staff. Choice will be adding more treatment destinations in coming months.


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