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Cuban vaccines appeal to Vietnamese
Having learned about the power of Cuban vaccines in a medical lecture Friday in northwest Vietnam, hospital and health directors, as well as physicians, want to use them to benefit the Vietnamese people.

More than 70 specialists and officials of seven provinces in the Yen Bai region obtained information about Heberbiovac HB, an antidote for hepatitis B, and Quimi-Hib that fights human influenza B virus, developed by the Cuban Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology Center.

They also learned about the DPT-Hib tetravalente vaccine, which can immunize against four diseases, and Hibevac, against pneumonia.

Dao Thi Ngoc Lan, Yen Bai Province health director, told Prensa Latina "we now have a clearer knowledge about these products, especially the Cuban vaccines and want to use them as much as possible for our people's welfare."

Her colleague Nguyen Tanh Cong, health director in Hai Duong Province, shared this opinion and will travel to Cuba in September to learn more about the Island's medical system.

Source: Prensa Latina

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