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The first 54 Bolivian doctors graduated in the Latin American School of Medicine confirmed on Saturday their commitment in supporting the changes underway in the South American nation headed by President Evo Morales.

During a meeting with the recently Bolivian health professionals, Dr. Alidson Gomez expressed that the years studied in Cuba taught them to become internationalists and complete revolutionary people.

Dr. Gomez highlighted the will of the young health specialists in offering their services in Bolivia's most remote areas or other nations if necessary.

With the presence of Bolivia's Health Minister Nila Heredia and Cuba's ambassador to La Paz, Rafael Dausa, the recently graduated doctors talked about their experience in exercising their profession in different areas and institutions.

Together with more than 2 000 Cuban health professionals offering their services free of charge in Bolivia, Gomez pointed out that they have learned from each other.

After 7 years of studies in Cuba, said Rafael Dausa, "you have returned a better human being, willing to do your best where most needed".

In this sense, he stressed the honorable commitment of the young health professionals with the peoples of Bolivia and Cuba and the main creator of this program: President Fidel Castro.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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